Alex Zalevski - Senior Email Developer

Alex Zalevski

Senior Email Developer

  • 3+ years of email production and development experience
  • Mastery of HTML and CSS specific to email
  • Proficiency with JSON
  • Knows what an API is, how it works and is proficient in making GET and POST calls
  • Understand how a data feed works
  • Has an understanding of email code structure and knows how to make code responsive for different devices
  • Is a solid trainer – and is able and willing to help skill-up our team of junior email developers
  • Assist with internal QA, helping the team of junior producers to learn to check their own work
  • Has strong client email etiquette and can communicate with testing, QA and updates directly with clients if needed
  • Can take feedback, clarify it and make adjustments, several times if needed.

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